Ann Arbor Company Receives $1.7M for Light Fixture that Emulates Daylight


Ann Arbor-based Arborlight has received $1.7 million in funding to design and produce a light fixture that simulates daylight through an artificial skylight.

Called LightWell, the device tracks the position of the sun and matches its color and intensity throughout the day bringing replicated daylight to any building interior. The fixture can be controlled from a Wi-Fi-enabled device.

“The evidence supporting the positive health and cognitive effects of dynamic daylight conditions in work, school, medical, and retail environments is overwhelming,” says Michael Forbis, Arborlight’s CEO. “With the support of our investment community, Arborlight is meeting this substantial demand with its … daylight emulation technology for commercial and home applications.”

The $1.7 million in backing comes from the Michigan Angel Fund, established by Ann Arbor SPARK, a group that works to attract and help high tech and innovative businesses in the Ann Arbor region. In turn, Michigan Economic Development Corp. provides administrative support to the Michigan Angel Fund.

Arborlight is a spin-off from the University of Michigan’s Office of Technology Transfer, which helps bring potential products and components to the marketplace.

“Arborlight’s potential is impressive, and the company is an exciting example of how technology can be incubated in a university setting, and progress forward and have real economic impact,” says Skip Simms, managing director of the Michigan Angel Fund.

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