Ann Arbor Company Has Its Eyes on Mobile Users


Ann-Arbor based ForeSee has collected some 2.5 million mobile customer surveys from more than 100 mobile sites and apps, which means — according to Eric Feinberg, senior director of mobile at ForeSee — it has “the largest, most nuanced, treasure trove of mobile benchmarks and customer insights in the world concerning the mobile customer experience.”

The company also shared that AARP, Bloomberg, and the Weather Channel are among 60 additional companies that turned to Ann Arbor-based Foresee this year to measure and analyze their customer experience. The additions double their mobile client list to 120.

Feinberg attributed the increase to the company’s intense focus on measuring customer experience. “When we pair that focus with our wonderful client base and our innovative mobile products, it results in tremendous growth and development in the mobile space,” Feinberg says.

As a result of that growth, Feinberg says the company has tripled its mobile staff in the past year.

Through ForeSee, organizations can measure a customer’s experience with a mobile website or app, gain intelligence into how visitors are interacting with their mobile touch points, and prioritize improvements that will have the greatest return on investment.

“We measure the multi-channel experience, so as long as there is a multi-channel consumer, we anticipate that we will be growing at this pace or faster,” Feinberg says.

In August, Forrester Research highlighted ForeSee in its mobile analytics report, Forrester’s Shopping Guide to Mobile Analytics Vendors.