Ann Arbor Company Designs iPhone 6 Case with Built-in Headphones


An Ann Arbor-based startup has created a protective iPhone 6 case called the TurtleCell that is outfitted with integrated retractable headphones, a microphone, and full button control for safe, hands-free calling.

“Headphones get lost all the time, and when you buy replacement headphones, the quality is usually sub-par,” says Jeremy Lindlbauer, director of marketing for TurtleCell. “TurtleCell eliminates that problem because they are always with you, won’t get lost, and they’re superior quality to many more expensive brand name headphones.”

Lindlbauer says the headphones, which are 42 inches in length so they can be extended to various lengths and retract back into the case with the push of a button. The case also has a built-in kickstand.

The headphones feature air pressure chambers to optimize deep base resonance and tone, a noise-isolating ear-channel design, fibers in the headphone cables that have increased strength for retraction durability, and Neodymium magnets for improved sound quality. 

TurtleCell partnered with Auburn Hills-based Digital Treasures to distribute the product. The two companies unveiled the first version of  TurtleCell for the iPhone 5 at the 2014 Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas.

The iPhone 6 cases will be available for the holiday season, both online and at retailers across the country. They cost nearly $60 and come in black, silver, red, and gold.  â€‹

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