Ann Arbor-based Rubicon Genomics Launches Kit to Test Cell-Free DNA


Ann Arbor-based Rubicon Genomics Inc., a developer of molecular biology tools for gene-based research and drug development, has created a kit for researchers to analyze cell-free DNA found in plasma or other biofluids, eliminating the need for costly tissue biopsies.

“…This new product provides even greater sensitivity and the capability to analyze cell-free DNA to identify cancer biomarkers, monitor disease evolution, and assess response to treatment,” says James Koziarz, CEO of Rubicon.

Koriarz says the kit includes a two-hour test that requires three steps and no purification or sample transfers. He says it can be used for the analysis of circulating tumor DNA, targeted gene sequencing, and for non-invasive prenatal testing.

“Rubicon technology is already used in the fertility field, and we expect (the so-called) ThruPLEX Plasma-seq will facilitate detection of embryo abnormalities as part of non-invasive prenatal testing," Koriarz says.

He says interested researchers can apply for an early access program for the opportunity to purchase the kit at a reduced price. For more information, click here