Ancient Rome: Age of the Caesars Opens at Cranbrook Institute of Science in February


Gladiators, Centurions, and Julius Caesar will come to life next month at the Cranbrook Institute of Science in Bloomfield Hills. Starting Feb. 3, the museum will host Ancient Rome: Age of the Caesars, a family-friendly, interactive exhibit that will feature machines, art, and artifacts.

“This exhibit provides families with a rare and unique look into Ancient Rome and how its inventions impacted the world we live in today,” says Michael D. Stafford, director of the Cranbrook Institute of Science. “Adults can experience the feeling of being a Roman legionnaire, interact with and use functional antique Roman technology, and children will be enamored with the games, hands-on activities, and the indomitable gladiators. There is truly something here for everyone.”

Children can play and learn the way Romans did by visiting various stations throughout the run of the exhibit, including:

  • Catapult Challenge: Assemble armies and go head-to-head in mock Roman battles.
  • Colosseum Construction: Using 3D-printed pieces, re-assemble the Roman Colosseum.
  • Assemble an Aqueduct: Learn how to create a scale model aqueduct that brings water from the mountains to the city.
  • Abacus Arithmetic: Learn how the ancient Romans used complex math with an abacus.
  • Arches & Architecture: Using scaled blocks, construct the famous Roman arch.
  • Let the Games Begin: Learn how to play and master Romans’ ancient games.
  • Mosaic Madness: Create a mosaic using templates.
  • Mechanical Muscle: Using scale models, leverage physics to move heavy objects into one place.

The exhibit is open during regular business hours and is an additional cost ($6 – $8) to general museum admission. For information on hours and pricing, visit:

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