Adient Develops Removable Seat Covers For Ride-sharing/Autonomous Vehicles


Detroit-based automotive seating company Adient today announced the development of removable seat covers to ensure comfort and individualization for drivers and passengers in the car-sharing market.

Adient’s design features an integrated zipper for easy cleaning and removal and covers are washable, with a lining protecting the foam inlay.

“With more people joining ride sharing organizations for the reliability, convenience, and cost, keeping vehicles clean enhances the experience.” says Nick Petouhoff, executive director of engineering for Adient. “We have designed the removable seat covers to do just that.”

For additional protection, Adient’s so-called FreshPer4mance coating can be added to textile seat covers, making them liquid-repellant, stain-resistant, antistatic, and antimicrobial. As more consumers use rental cars or offer up space in their vehicles for ridesharing programs like Uber and Lyft, or traditional carpooling, Adient’s seat covers can increase cleanliness and keep dirt from settling into fabric seats.

Adient’s proprietary digital ink-jet printing capabilities allow automakers to test a variety of designs and colors for small series, limited editions, and mass-produced products. Customization features are also available to vehicle owners.

Adient currently employs 75,000 people at 230 manufacturing and assembly plants in 33 countries nationwide. More information can be found here.