AccuWeather, iHeartRadio to Develop Apps for AT&T’s Connected Car Platform


tAutomakers will soon be able to integrate popular apps that will provide drivers with a wide range of services including up-to-the-minute weather forecasts, parking updates, and personalized radio into their connected car options thanks to a new partnership announced today between AT&T and six developers.

tThe developers — which include AccuWeather, iHeartRadio, Glympse, Stitcher, Streetline, and Tribune Digital Ventures — have signed on to create voice enabled apps, designed specially with motorists for AT&T Drive, the company’s global connected car program.

t“Each of these apps provides an enhanced in-car experience for users while also keeping driver safety top of mind,” says Chris Penrose, AT&T’s senior vice president of emerging devices. “AT&T Drive’s app selection was developed so that drivers could make more informed decisions while they are driving to ensure that they not only get from point A to point B safely, but do so as efficiently and comfortably as possible.”

tOne example of the new offerings is the iHeartRadio app, which offers thousands of live radio stations from across the country, incorporates the habits of car radio users into its intuitive menu functions, with an interface designed to reduce distracting light during nighttime driving.

tNewsbeat, meanwhile, pays attention to the user preferences, providing personalized audio streams of the day’s top articles from leading newspapers and websites. Once the user sets his or her preferences regarding interests and favorite TVs and sports teams, the app will learn the user’s listening behavior and deliver a personalized newscast experience that is unique to each individual.

tAlso in the entertainment realm, Stitcher provides radio shows and podcasts on demand, allowing talk radio listeners to tune in to their favorite shows on their own schedule, rather than the schedule of traditional radio.

tOther apps improve the logistics aspect of the driving experience. Parker by Streetline helps drivers find parking options and provides basic information such as policy hours, pricing, and location. Likewise, Glympse allows drivers to share their location in real-time with anyone, eliminating the need to send phone calls or text messages.

tAccuWeather for AT&T Drive, which provides localized current conditions, hourly, and five-day forecasts, also warns against inclement conditions and helps drivers plan and time their trips.