30 in Their Thirties: Steve Moore // 35


Steve Moore // 35

Director of Energy Management // Taubman Centers Inc., Bloomfield Hills // Employees: 640 // Revenue: $557.2M

University of Michigan Ross School of Business

Following a stint as manager of energy and sustainability at Eastern Michigan University, Steve Moore took over in 2013 as director of energy management for Bloomfield Hills-based Taubman Centers Inc. He says he was surprised by what he found when he started. “I’ve worked in this industry 13 years, and when I first came here, what I expected was to walk into a lot of the malls we own and find savings opportunities relatively quickly,” Moore recalls.

“What I did find is that they’re very well-managed, and had a good handle on what was happening within their buildings. So we had to fine-tune and pick things that are unseen and hidden, like scheduling, or when you think something’s turned off but it’s not.”

Moore initiated and implemented a system called Taubman Smart Buildings, which incorporates elements like Wi-Fi for shoppers, and other energy-efficiency and saving initiatives. “(It) allows us to continually monitor all the systems in the building and know if things aren’t operating as they should,” Moore explains. To date, Taubman reports it has reduced its energy use by 27 percent since 2008.

Taubman is also experimenting with a solar installation at El Paseo Village in Palm Desert, Calif., and is considering additional renewable energy initiatives across its shopping mall portfolio. Moore, who is also in charge of Taubman’s waste and recycling programs, indicates that Taubman will soon make news in the energy management department. “We’re really taking big strides in sustainability,” he says. “We intend to be more public about it in the next six months or so.” — Dan Calabrese

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