30 in Their Thirties: Ronald N. Alix // 34

Partner, Hubbell, Roth & Clark, Bloomfield Hills
EMPLOYEES: 150 REVENUE: NA EDUCATION: Michigan Tech University

Bloomfield Hills-based civil engineering firm Hubbell, Roth & Clark turns 100 this year. And while Roland Alix is only 34 years old, he’s been part of the firm for half of his life, starting when he was 17 and worked on survey and inspection crews. He couldn’t have foreseen, at the time, that he would eventually become an HRC partner and join the firm’s board of directors. “I was given great opportunities by the people I worked under to become a project manager,” Alix says. “I was given those opportunities early in my career, working on a large, multifaceted engineering project. There was electrical engineering, structural engineering — and I helped manage all these different kinds of groups as I was coming up through the ranks.” At the same time, his work ethic spoke for itself. The partners at HRC were noticing his commitment to the profession through active participation in the American Society of Civil Engineers. Over the past three years, he has served as president of the Committee on Younger Members. In that role, he helped organize the association’s annual charity golf outing and a career night with local universities. He believes those efforts played an important role in his advancement within HRC. “Doing that outside of work showed my commitment to the profession and a drive that extended beyond work hours,” Alix says.