30 in Their Thirties: Robert Vogt // 31


Robert Vogt // 31  

CEO // IOSix, Ann Arbor // Employees: 10  // Revenue: NA 

University of Michigan

Problem-solving is something that Robert Vogt, CEO of IOSix, an Ann Arbor-based automotive engineering company, specializes in. “I like to set goals that were previously considered not possible, and then work very hard to achieve them,” he says. “I’ve always had the theory that it’s better to work harder when you’re younger, because it pays dividends when you’re older.” 

In his role at IOSix, Vogt oversees the development of miniaturized vehicle and heavy truck data loggers, GPS loggers and trackers, and other aftermarket and OEM vehicle systems — devices he sought to improve after recognizing their downfalls while working at the Toyota Technical Center in Ann Arbor during graduate school. “I said, ‘I can make something better, something that can take years of data without having to be unplugged, (something) that’s cost-efficient and easy to use,’ ” Vogt says. “I started working on that, (made) our first-generation product, and we just kept refining that.” IOSix’s products have the capability to record a wide range of information for car manufacturers, research groups, and fleets — a segment Vogt says he’s particularly interested in pursuing. Vogt’s interest in automotive engineering took off when he started working toward his computer science degree at the University of Michigan at the age of 15. During his time at the university, he was the strategy director for the school’s Solar Car Team, which he currently mentors. 

Today, Vogt is also working on a partnership with Voyomotive, an electronic manufacturing company, to build a product using IOSix’s technology that allows consumers to improve the capabilities of their vehicles. In addition, he plans to explore engineering opportunities within the environmental and medical sectors, and space flight. “I try to be the guy that moves around and is dynamic enough to help out and really get things to completion,” he says.  — Emma Klug

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