30 in Their Thirties: John Dimovski // 37


Co-founder and Managing Partner, Harmon Partners, Birmingham
Employees: 2 Revenue: NA Education: Michigan State University

More than a decade ago, John Dimovski got his first taste of how accounting and auditing can impact personal lives. Following graduation, he joined PwC as an auditor, where he stayed for six years before joining Ernst & Young. He enjoyed the work, but he noticed he had little impact on the outside world. Over time, he transitioned into forensic accounting, business valuations, and litigation support. “I was working as an auditor in 1999 when there was a large explosion at the Ford Rouge Plant (in Dearborn), and a partner of mine had the Ford account and asked if I could help out for six to eight weeks, but it turned out to be six or eight months,” he recalls. “It was a very eye-opening experience, and we were able to recoup a large portion of the property damage and business interruption from the insurance companies.” Over time, Dimovski looked for an opportunity to transition to a boutique environment where he could work one on one with owners of small- and medium-sized firms. Two years ago, he partnered with Meagan Hardcastle, and the pair opened Harmon Partners. Today, the company works with businesses “that have annual revenue of between $1 million and $200 million, but the sweet spot is $50 million to $60 million,” he says. “Our four core service offerings are business valuation, management consulting, succession planning, and corporate finance. I couldn’t be happier.”