30 in Their Thirties: Brad Goodstein // 36


Founder and CEO, Retrofit Studios, Royal Oak
Revenue: NA // Employees: 4

Brad Goodstein has a reputation as a very particular employer, but that’s because he understands that a business focused on personal training can’t attract clients without dedicated employees. “Opening my own gym was a goal I set for myself the moment I trained my first client,” says Goodstein, CEO of Retrofit Studios in Royal Oak. Using a growth strategy that has been compared to that of Warren Buffett, Goodstein emphasizes strong attention to detail in operations, cash-flow management, and making financial decisions. He also leased a specific space that would allow him to grow the business. Ultimately, however, the success of the company comes down to providing clients with realistic, long-term results rather than on-again, off-again training. “I want to help my clients achieve their goals safely, quickly, and effectively,” Goodstein says. “The first step is for them to understand that this is a lifelong experience, not a short-term ‘getting ready for a high school reunion in two weeks’ kind of thing. Small, manageable changes are always my primary focus. Most of my clients see significant changes with two, 30-minute sessions each week.” — Dan Calabrese