30 in Their Thirties: April Donaldson // 38


tExecutive Vice President, Strategic Staffing Solutions, Detroit
tEmployees: 2,300 Revenue: $238 million Education: NA

tApril Donaldson cites Cindy Pasky, founder, president, and CEO of Detroit-based Strategic Staffing Solutions, as the mentor who has both trained her and positioned her for leadership. “For 12 years, I’ve been under her wing,” Donaldson says. “She’s not only helped mentor me in different areas of how to run the business and how to put our customers first — because if it’s the right answer for them, then it’s also the right answer for our business — but she’s also allowed me to be the mentor, and I’m valuing that.” Donaldson joined the company in a marketing position, and advanced into an executive role as she mastered more aspects of the global IT and business services provider. “My goal is to double the company’s size within the next three years, and my priority is to execute the strategy to do that, (where) I touch just about everything in our company,” Donaldson says. “I have direct responsibility for a fourth of our regional operations and a third of our customer relationships.” Every day, Donaldson says she makes a point of meeting personally with customers and team members. “It’s my job to support them,” she says. “I work for them, not the other way around.” In addition, Donaldson serves on the advisory board at Staffing Industry Analysts, an organization that serves as global advisers to the staffing industry.