2018 Cadillac CT6 Utilizes Seeing Machines’ Technology in Super Cruise Driver Assistance System


The 2018 Cadillac CT6 is now equipped with computer vision technologies from Australian company Seeing Machines, which allows vehicles to see, understand, and assist people with FOVIO driver monitoring technology in the new model. The FOVIO based driver monitoring system (DMS) forms an integral part of General Motors Co.’s Super Cruise hands-free driving system for the highway, ensuring safe and confident vehicle operation.

Reliable driver monitoring is a major challenge of hands-free driving systems, as well as addressing the need for keeping drivers engaged and prepared to re-take control of the vehicle when necessary. The Cadillac Super Cruise system uses FOVIO vision technology to enable a gumdrop-sized infrared camera on the steering wheel column to accurate determine the driver’s attention state.

Determining driver attention state is accomplished through a precise measure of head orientation and eyelid movements under a full range of daytime and nigh-time driving conditions, including the use of sunglasses. If the driver looks away from the road or closes their eyes for more than a few seconds, a light bar integrated into the steering wheel will flash to guide attention back to the road. If the system determines the driver continues to ignore the road, intentionally or otherwise, a series of escalating visual, audible, and seat vibration alerts will be deployed, followed eventually by an automatic safe stop if the driver cannot return their attention to the road.

“Keeping the driver engaged is one of the requirements for Super Cruise,” says Jon Lauckner, GM’s CTO. “With the help of Seeing Machines we were able to develop a driver attention system that was effective, but not intrusive.”

Super Cruise’s launch markets the beginning of Seeing Machines’ mass deployment of DMS technology in the automotive industry and is coincident with the company’s ongoing work with a range of OEM and Tier 1 partners as demand increases for semi-autonomous driving technology.

Seeing Machines deploys its machine learning vision platform to deliver real time understanding of drivers through artificial intelligence analysis of heads, faces, and eyes for DMS in most transport sectors.

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