2016 Buick Cascada Convertible Adds Reinforced Structure, Roll Bars


Detroit-based Buick’s first convertible in 25 years, the 2016 Cascada, will have a reinforced body, roll bars behind the front seats, and more cargo space.

“It’s a design that fosters the Cascada’s clean, uninterrupted lines while helping enable confident, top-down driving enjoyment,” says Holt Ware, exterior design director for Buick.

The four-seat convertible, to go on sale early next year, has spring-loaded roll bars that are linked to the air bag system. Once engaged, the roll bars extend about 14 inches, matching the height of the windshield.

Ware says the Cascada also has press-hardended steel in the inner structure, reinforced rocker panels, underbody reinforcements, and a reinforced “torsion box” behind the rear seats. It has a 22-inch by 13-inch compartment that goes through the trunk to the passenger seats.

The convertible has a 200-horsepower engine, a roof system that lowers in 17 seconds, and heated front seats and steering wheel.