$2.5M Cherry Hill Road Resurfacing Project to Start in 2016


 One of the most traveled corridors, Cherry Hill Road, between Merriman and Wayne, will be resurfaced as part of a $2.5 million project that will include structural adjustments to manholes, sidewalk ramp repair, permanent lane line markings, and signage upgrades and replacement.

“The resurfacing and other improvements made to this stretch of Cherry Hill Road will help local businesses thrive, and make it easier for residents to move about their neighborhood,” said County Executive Warren C. Evans. “Projects like this serve as an example of how collaboration, and building strong relationships with local communities, can lead to a more vibrant Wayne County.”   

The resurfacing of the more than 10 lane miles of Cherry Hill Road is scheduled to begin in spring 2016 and be complete by mid-November 2016.