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Blog: Michigan Needs Mix of Alternative Energy Sources

A recent op-ed in argued that legislation pending in Lansing regarding Michigan’s electrical system is wrongheaded. The authors focus on the proposed elimination of the renewable portfolio standard that requires 10 percent of Michigan’s electricity be generated by renewables by this year. The legislation and op-ed article contend the new law would cost Michigan energy jobs.

Guest Blog: Optimism Wanes Despite Record M&A Pace in 2015

Even as the mergers and acquisitions market has surpassed $3 trillion worldwide in deal value this year, roaring at a level close to 2007’s...

Guest Blog: Michigan Businesses in Crosshairs of Patent Trolls

Peer-to-peer commerce site Etsy has more than 50 million users, comedian Adam Carolla has one of the most popular podcasts of all time, and...

Guest Blog: Cloud Computing Services: To Tax or Not to Tax?

Twenty years ago, purchasing a software program for your business was direct and straight forward. You bought a CD, possibly paid a sales tax...

Guest Blog: Fueled by SBA, Michigan Small Businesses Rebound

There is some great news about Michigan, in case you haven’t heard: Small business is back.

Guest Blog: Dispelling Myths Behind the H1-B Visa Controversy

Here we go again in the immigration reform debate, controversy simmering where it doesn't belong.

Guest Blog: Car Collecting and Beyond — 3 Tips for Achieving Life’s Financial Goals

Detroiter’s love cars. Last month’s Woodward Dream Cruise spectacle demonstrations the drive-to-drive runs deep.No matter if it’s modern-day models or classic cars that rev...