Thought Leaders

The Detroit I Know

Detroit is ground zero for what lies ahead for America. A place that faced the fury of global competition before other cities, Detroit has down-sized, right-sized and re-engineered for longer than any place on Earth.

Stop Trying to Motivate Salespeople

Owners of Companies, Presidents of Companies, VPs of Sales & sales managers, hear this: You can’t motivate anyone!

The Great American Cauldron

We’ve all heard about the experiment with the frog in the cauldron. The story goes something like this: You throw a frog into a cauldron of boiling water, obviously it it’s DOA.

Working Together to Elect Accountable Leaders

The economic environment of the Detroit region is not predicted to change in the immediate future; however, our local and statewide leadership is.

Making It in Michigan

Detroit, Michigan, my hometown and the automotive capital of the world, supports a flourishing and established media production community of multimillion dollar advertising agencies, production studios, auto shows, industrial producers, actors, and models.

Just When You Thought Regionalism Was Dead …

Southeast Michigan doesn’t have a reputation for regional cooperation. Heck, it seems we can’t even talk civil to each other at times. But, then came along the month of June.