Thought Leaders

Made in Michigan

First up, a list of movies being produced in Michigan that have yet to be released, ranging from big budget blockbusters to artsy independents.

Stop Trying to Motivate Salespeople

Owners of Companies, Presidents of Companies, VPs of Sales & sales managers, hear this: You can’t motivate anyone!

Making It in Michigan

Detroit, Michigan, my hometown and the automotive capital of the world, supports a flourishing and established media production community of multimillion dollar advertising agencies, production studios, auto shows, industrial producers, actors, and models.

Just When You Thought Regionalism Was Dead …

Southeast Michigan doesn’t have a reputation for regional cooperation. Heck, it seems we can’t even talk civil to each other at times. But, then came along the month of June.

The Great American Cauldron

We’ve all heard about the experiment with the frog in the cauldron. The story goes something like this: You throw a frog into a cauldron of boiling water, obviously it it’s DOA.

Working Together to Elect Accountable Leaders

The economic environment of the Detroit region is not predicted to change in the immediate future; however, our local and statewide leadership is.