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Causing a Chemical Reaction in Your Job Search

Back in the day, like 12 months ago, you could go online or in the classified section of the newspaper and apply for jobs with pre-described roles, responsibilities, pay, and benefits.
Sales Setting Expectations

Sales Is Nothing More Than Setting Expectations

How many times have you left a sales appointment... walked to your car in the parking lot... and thought to yourself, “What the hell just happened in there?”

New Jobs in Health Care Not What You Might Expect

So, when was the last time you went to the hospital to get your nails done? Or when was the last time you pulled into the visitor parking lot of your local medical center to grab a quick cup of gourmet coffee before heading into work?

The Crumbling Detroit Workforce: Which Way is Up?

If you have not lost your job in the last 18 months, you may still be living in fear of being unemployed. The crumbling job market is all around us.

Welcome to the Tea Party, America

There is a steadily growing, almost galvanic response, to the costly legislation rolling out of Washington, unchecked.

David Farbman on: Diverse Economic Ideas

The American public, I believe, really cares about supporting American made goods today, so let’s capitalize on it.

David Farbman on: Streamlining Government

There has to be a better way for the state to gain revenue from tickets in a quick fashion without having to compromise someone’s driving record for a minimal speeding violation. Plus, it clogs up time in the courts.

Hollywood in Detroit

Never before could you experience three months in Southeast Michigan when such established stars as George Clooney, Robert DiNiro, Edward Norton, Christopher Walken, and Val Kilmer all made their way to our home state for projects.

The Detroit I Know

Detroit is ground zero for what lies ahead for America. A place that faced the fury of global competition before other cities, Detroit has down-sized, right-sized and re-engineered for longer than any place on Earth.