Thought Leaders

No Joy in Mudville: The Striking Out of an Unhappy Workforce

I was recently reading some compelling studies on human governance, job satisfaction, and leadership in corporate America that really resonated with me.

The Accidental Entrepreneur on Purpose

Many people have been referencing the book “The Accidental Entrepreneur” by Susan Urquhart-Brown. It’s no wonder, since the traditional employment opportunities are on hold until the economy turns around in a more meaningful way.

Changing the Perception of Our Region

It’s time for us to work collectively on changing the conversation about Detroit — this is something I feel particularly passionate about.

Workforce Skills Gap: Filling the Holes for Today and Tomorrow

As the unemployment quagmire we are in deepens, people are searching desperately for their next job and a new career.
Rules Changed

9.11.01 – The Date All the Rules Were Changed

Everyone in America (and most other countries) remembers exactly where they were at 8:45 a.m. on September 11, 2001. That’s the day and time that a lot of things changed in our country.

These Times Demand Big & Bold, Not Incremental

Michigan is stuck in a state of incremental. Suffering the highest unemployment rate in the nation, sagging growth for years and budget deficits approaching 25% of the general fund budget, most of the solutions we’re offered won’t make a dent in our problems.

Survival of the Fittest?

How businesses can not only survive — but thrive — in a tough economy.

Fashion… in Detroit?

When you think of Michigan and entertainment, what first comes to mind? Is it music? Sports? Stage?

Their Future is Our Present: Parallels in the New Workforce Landscape

As business professionals, the impact of this statement has powerful implications for all of us. The fact that we are going to have to retrain and adopt new skills for new industries is unavoidable.

Michigan’s Commercial Talent

In Detroit there is a lot of talk about the movies, but it’s really all about commercials.