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Guest Blog: Dispelling Myths Behind the H1-B Visa Controversy

Here we go again in the immigration reform debate, controversy simmering where it doesn't belong.

Guest Blog: Car Collecting and Beyond — 3 Tips for Achieving Life’s Financial Goals

Detroiter’s love cars. Last month’s Woodward Dream Cruise spectacle demonstrations the drive-to-drive runs deep.No matter if it’s modern-day models or classic cars that rev...

Blog: The New Elevated Role of Millennial Employees

What will the modern work environment look like in five years? 10 years?Imagine a work world similar to one designed 25 years ago by manufacturer Jack Stack in his landmark book, The Great Game of Business, in which employees are financially literate regarding the money aspect of business, they have a stake in the outcome, and they understand the critical number.

Blog: The Growing Visualization of Our Culture

It’s a stark reality that as a culture, we are becoming less literate, however, book lovers and avid readers should not be disheartened. As the National Education Association points out, “Western civilization has become more dependent than ever on visual culture, visual artifacts, and visual communication as a mode of discourse and a means of developing a social and cultural identity.”

Blog: Writing Tips from Elmore Leonard

The late Elmore "Dutch" Leonard was the author of more than three dozen books. Leonard, who lived in Bloomfield Hills, published these rules to good writing. I've formatted his terrific tips as five cool ideas for better writing.

Bastian: Speed Kills — Optimizing Sales Performance with Deadly Accuracy

As organizations continue to rebuild and grow, the first area of focus is sales. In every for-profit business, all things begin and end with the strength (or weakness) of its sales department.

Todd Palmer: Invest in Employees for Greater Profits

For the 10th straight year, an annual survey by the ManPowerGroup, a human resource consulting firm, reveals that one in three U.S. employers report difficulties filling job vacancies, due largely to talent shortages.
Steve Yencich

Mackinac Center Wrong – Pure Michigan Works

Somebody better call Geico and let them know that their national ad campaign is a waste of time.

Blog: When Selling, Ask the Right Question

When asking questions of prospects, it's important to think ahead. In many instances, sellers worry too much about getting the right answer and not enough about asking the right question. Thinking a few steps ahead can solve a lot of problems before they happen.

Guest Blog: 5 Cool Ideas for Running a Meeting

Only three things happen at meetings: Announcements are made, ideas are discussed, and action is taken. Here are five cool ways to run a meeting.