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michael mina

Michael Mina

Cooking an unforgettable steak requires poached butter, garlic, just the right seasonings, and an artful twirl of the wrist.

Pat McQueen

Drive up to a certain 320-acre spread of land near West Branch on any given weekend and you’ll find Pat McQueen, chairman and CEO of The PrivateBank in Bloomfield Hills.

Rick Wagoner

General Motors Chairman Rick Wagoner prepares to lead his beleaguered company into a new era. He discusses the hard decisions he’s wrestled with in recent months, his fear that he’ll wind up running a bowling alley, and his undying love for a ’69 Camaro.
Carlos Gutierrez

Carlos Gutierrez

Born in Havana during the height of the brutal Batista regime, Carlos Gutierrez fled to the United States, where he rose through the ranks of the Kellogg Co. and became its chairman and CEO.
jim press

Jim Press

When he jumped ship from Toyota to Chrysler last September, Jim Press experienced his fair share of culture shock.
bob nardelli

Bob Nardelli

After his first 100 days as chairman and CEO of Chrysler LLC, Bob Nardelli spent the following day — a brisk Saturday in November — building a playground for students at the Business, Entrepreneurship, Science, and Technology Academy in Highland Park.

Amaury Diaz Serrano

Nine months ago, Amaury Diaz Serrano’s boss at the General Motors Technical Center in Warren gave the vehicle designer an unusual assignment.
ray scott

Ray Scott

Ray Scott, Lear’s president of the North American seating business, and his team took the unusual step of creating a fashion show at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD), where the new leather was used to accent dresses, suits, and accessories.

Thomas G. Stephens

As Michigan strives to retain its college graduates, General Motors Corp. Group Vice President Thomas G. Stephens helps ensure that high-school students make it to the next level.

Kelle Ilitch

Soon after opening a bar intensity and Pilates studio in West Bloomfield Township last November, Kelle Ilitch started getting national inquiries for a 55-minute strengthening and lengthening workout that she and a team member developed.