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The Grave Robbers

The story of the looting of $70 million from a group of 28 Michigan cemeteries is a tale of modern-day grave robbers who found buried treasure — not in the ground — but in lucrative funeral trust accounts that thousands of hard-working families had pre-paid decades ago.
Pius Oleh

The Coach’s Coach

An accomplished soccer player, having starred as a defenseman for Nigeria’s senior national soccer team, IT consultant Pius Oleh longed for the day when he could help guide a team to an Olympic or World Cup championship. But not from the field.

Rolling Sevens and Elevens

Detroit casino pioneer Tom Celani built a personal empire on beer, gaming, fast bikes, and fine wine — plus a few things he learned on the streets — and gave new meaning to the term ‘family values.’
green leader

Green Leader

Operating a fast-growing, homegrown electronics recycling company — revenue has doubled every year since 2000 — Nathan Zach says the higher prices he’s getting for copper, brass, and steel can be problematic.
national health

A National Health Plan?

At first blush, launching an online insurance company after a 13-year career in real estate doesn’t sound promising. So how has Lorne Zalesin utilized his past life as a homebuilder to sell health insurance over the Internet?
downtown agent

Downtown Agent

Twenty years ago, Sam Munaco had a hard time convincing companies to maintain or move their offices to downtown Detroit. But after more than $3 billion in improvements to the central business district, the response to Munaco’s recent inquiries isn’t so definitive.
power of purchase

The Power of the Purchase

Much like a winning baseball team, a smart equity firm can get ahead with calculated risks and a dedication to ‘small ball’.

GM Turns 100

Having shaped modern business practices, improved consumers’ lives, and contributed mightily to the nation’s economic development, General Motors journeys into its second century, hoping that history will repeat itself.
the music man

The Music Man

Strike the lights, stoke the band, and raise the curtain. The Fox Theatre and Masonic Temple will be hosting more Broadway productions, concerts, and holiday shows in the coming months.
daniels albom

Jeff Daniels & Mitch Albom

Two Hollywood heavyweights discuss how larger public incentives could make Michigan a major player in the film industry.