Business Features

The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune

After learning what it’s like to sit as a criminal defendant in the most arduous courtroom drama of his career, Geoffrey Fieger is still a free man and savoring his status as a legal Houdini.

Smoke and Mirrors

Gov. Jennifer Granholm and Michigan lawmakers tiptoed through another state budget this year, putting up numbers and calling them balanced. But they skated past long-range problems — an omission analysts fear will send state finances spinning out of control.

The Medicine Man

Widely regarded as the father of Lipitor, Roger Newton is back at the helm of life-sciences company Esperion Therapeutics. His Mission: develop new drugs to stave off heart attacks and strokes.
carly simon


In a production world that used to be made of pretty young models hoisting cards in front of shiny automobiles, Gail & Rice has evolved.

Made In Michigan

When entrepreneurs Aaron and Michelle Crumm were deliberating where to start their fuel-cell company, Adaptive Materials Inc., Michigan was at the top of their list as the place to build their 21st-century products.

The Pressure Cooker

Hitting a 300-yard drive from the first tee amid a crowd of people can be daunting. But add in a production crew from the Golf Channel, along with competition from tour professionals, and the stress can be unbearable.
music man

The Music Man

Joseph LoDuca is a composer and musician who creates the ambience, thrills, and tension for movies and TV shows from his elaborate state-of-the-art studio in Bloomfield Hills.

Water World

Beach muck is just one of the issues, along with jobs, education, and transportation, that must be addressed before the full potential of the regional renewal and revitalization concept called the Freshwater Coast can be realized.

The Fatigue Factor

A relatively new muscle malady, fibromyalgia is no figment of the imagination. Here’s how some Michigan doctors are helping prevent it from becoming a fixture in the workplace.

In the Interim

After two weeks on the job, Ken Cockrel Jr. says the challenge of running a major American city has been both stressful and rewarding. “It’s a monster,” he says of operating the country’s 11th largest metropolis.