Business Commentary

Conservative Cadillacs and Limousine Liberals

From Taft to Eisenhower to Obama: Chauffeuring America’s commander in chief in the modern age.

Where Dreams Come True

Executive offices can be highly personalized reflections of individual tastes and careers. But Peter Horbury, executive director of design for Ford of the Americas in Dearborn since 2004, doesn’t let his office define him.

Jim Bieri

President and CEO, Bieri Co., Detroit

The Auto Industry Is Driving Through Hell

A collection of European auto writers with no ties to advertising or advertisers has, for decades, chosen a highly credible and prestigious European Car of the Year.

Liquid Revenue

Michigan’s wineries and breweries are enjoying double-digit annual growth as demand rises for locally produced goods. Not far behind: a new local industry distilling brandy, gin, rum, and whiskey.

Something for the One With Everything

This year, elevate your gift-giving to a new level of perfection with something your lucky someone won’t soon forget.

Resilient Thoughts

The recent financial crisis and economic uncertainty have affected everyone. We’re consumed with a possible national recession as job losses mount and consumer confidence wanes. Closer to home, the Michigan economy has been in a six-year recession.

William L. Michels

William L. Michels, Chief Executive Officer, ADR International, Ann Arbor.

Mary J. Lore

Mary J. Lore, Founder and CEO, Managing Thought LLC, W. Bloomfield Township

The Experimental Residence

It’s not often that a home doubles as a laboratory, but entrepreneurs Craig and Randy Rubin built a 6,500-square-foot residence in Bloomfield Township, in part, to display and test their patented line of stain-, water-, and bacteria-resistant fabrics