You Get What You Pay For


Holiday deals, marketing gimmicks, and primetime TV have sensationalized cosmetic procedures with a ‘which is a better deal’ attitude. Take Groupon for example, a great place for dancing lessons, cruises, or dinners, but not for plastic surgery. For cosmetic surgery, we suggest a slower, more measured approach. Your plastic surgeon should be chosen with time and care, not impulse.

Many medical providers such as OB-GYNs, dermatologists, dentists, and family practitioners are offering aesthetic services and cosmetic surgery. Some of them are even calling themselves cosmetic surgeons, business fueled not by their work and education but solely by marketing. In order to become a plastic surgeon, there are many steps one must take to achieve — typically 6 to 8 years of general surgery and plastic surgery following after medical school. From there, a doctor starts a case collection (of actual patients) along with testing to become board certified.

In essence, you should be very wary of extreme discounts and shortcuts a surgeon may have taken when it comes to your health. Research should underline your decision, not the latest commercial. A Redbook article about what not to buy on Groupon (August 2012) says, “The quality of care — not how deep the discount — should always be your first consideration.”

If you’re contemplating plastic surgery but unsure of where to go, start with asking your family physician for advice. Ask friend or family members if they use a specific doctor, see who’s on staff at your preferred hospital, or dive into some internet research. Some helpful key terms are ‘board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery’ ‘members of ASPS or ASAPS’.

Lastly, during your search and initial visits with your doctor, ask yourself the following questions before undergoing surgery:

  1. Are you an appropriate candidate?
  2. Is your doctor board certified in the appropriate specialty (plastic surgery)?
  3. Does your doctor have a good track record performing this specific procedure?
  4. Will my procedure be performed in a safe and licensed facility?
  5. Do you have realistic expectations for the results and are you aware of possible complications?

The best deal is the one you feel will provide optimal results by a Plastic Surgeon who will answer your questions with comfort and ease.

This blog was written by Jacky LaFrance.