Where is the Next Big Thing?


OK, now we are seeing the public opinion pendulum really start to swing. On one hand, you have experts predicting doom and gloom in the job market. On the other hand, you have experts saying that the recovery is upon us and coming faster than what was previously expected. As a recent example, Newsweek posted a headline, “Joblessness in Here to Stay” one day and the very next day published a headline that proclaimed, “Jobs Are on Their Way!” So, who are we to believe?

If you are still out of job, you will most likely lean toward the doom and gloom. If you have been recently hired (congratulations, by the way), you may feel that the job market is improving. As a person who has his feet firmly placed on both sides of the fence, I can tell you that experts from both camps are partially right. .. which means that they are kind of wrong too.

This is the age-old “glass half empty/half full “argument that is currently taking place between the experts.  Well, whichever side you fall on, it is clear that nothing is clear yet.

Newsweek weighed in last week by stating,

“There’s also a more abstract force weighing in favor of pessimism: a collective failure of imagination. Sure, the macroeconomic numbers seem to be setting the table for job creation. But where are all the jobs going to come from? The forces that drove job creation in the past—the housing boom, easy money, reckless lenders—are no longer with us. And it’s hard to identify that one giant engine—the next Internet or housing boom—that will ignite growth.”

They make a good point and ask a very large question, “Where will the next big thing come from?” Today, we cannot answer that question.

Our job right now is to ready ourselves by keeping our ears to the ground, our eyes to the skies and our heads in the game.

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