Transformational Training in Michigan — For Free!


After chatting with Michigan’s leaders in workforce development over the past few months, it is very clear to me that training is one of the keys to success in Michigan’s strategy for economic recovery.

My goal for this blog is to point you to some of the free public and private resources that are available to you right now to jump start your career development.

Here is what the state is doing to help you move forward:

High Demands Job Map

This is regional county map of Michigan that will provide you with jobs that are in high demand within your area.,1607,7-242-47890—,00.html

No Worker Left Behind

The money was all burned up for this program last year, but new funding is coming if you can get on the list. You have to go through MichiganWorks! to get started. All regional community colleges are participating in this program, so you can contact the closest one to you.

This program is straightforward — enabling workers to acquire the skills necessary to succeed in today’s global economy. This is critical to enhancing the quality of life in Michigan.

No Worker Left Behind can provide up to $5,000 a year for tuition payments and other academic expenses for a maximum of two years. Students may pursue the following certificate or degree types:

  • Occupational certificate
  • Associate’s degree
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Master’s degree

For general information, including a frequently asked question list regarding the No Worker Left Behind initiative, visit

Private Sector Courses

The private sector is endeavoring to partner with colleges and institutes of higher learning to build curricula and certification programs quickly and easily. Prism Learning is one such company that has customized its courseware for the retraining market. Check them out at

Entrepreneur Training and Investment

Public and private money is being invested to help entrepreneurs get training and support to build new businesses in Michigan.

In this free 10-week course, entrepreneurs are provided with business support and access to capital funding in an effort to provide the seeds for economic growth throughout the state.

You can learn more on the web site at

New training and support are cropping up all the time, so keep your ear to ground and keep moving forward!

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