The Turning Tide


In the waning days of summer, the political landscape of Michigan has yet to be determined. Sure, we know that it will be Snyder vs. Berneo from now until November, but what happens to us in the meantime?

The sad reality is that nothing will happen politically in the areas of workforce development and job creation until AFTER the election in 2011. With Michigan ranked 2nd in the nation in unemployment (Nevada just took our Number One slot), and fifth in home foreclosure, we cannot afford another six months of nothing from Lansing.

But we will have to wait for support from Lansing, all of which is unfortunate, sad, and true.

The key for all of us is not to wait. We all need to refocus our attention on the things we can control. Things are getting better around the country, and yes, even in Michigan. Let’s let the politicians duke it out, while we move on with our lives and careers.

You should feel better about things. There is movement in the marketplace, especially within the ranks of the employed workforce.  A recent article in Chief Learning Officer Magazine, noted,

“…employees are exhibiting signs of pent-up frustration about how they have been treated throughout the downturn. While employers may have taken necessary steps to streamline operations and remain viable, it appears employees have felt sidelined in the process. The result is a disconnected and unhappy workforce.

In a recent study of 900 workers in North America, Right Management found that 60 percent were dissatisfied with their present jobs and seeking new opportunities, while 27 percent were networking and updating their resumes. These insights provide a barometer for employee engagement.”

This means that workforce confidence in on the rise, as people have grown tired of getting beaten up on employment interviews as well as within currently-employed positions.

The tide is turning and it is our job to keep positive and make things happen for ourselves.