Sun Damaged Skin?


Tired of layering on makeup to hide sun damaged skin? Do you have unwanted sun spots you’d like to get rid of? Not even sure how you got them?! If you educate yourself and seek out the right treatments you can achieve the beautiful skin you’ve always wanted!

First, you may have already decided you don’t like the way your skin looks due to red and brown spots. Some call them age spots or beauty marks but this discoloration is caused by prolonged sun exposure over many years. Although the sun provides Vitamin D, its rays are actually one of the most damaging environmental factors to our skin. A sunburn (and even a tan) is a sign that our skin has been damaged, starting the cycle of premature aging.

Next, you should decide how you can prevent further damage. Proper education and a good skin regimen is a great start to preventing fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. To learn more you can see a Plastic Surgeon or an Aesthetician. You may want to ask if your esthetician is a medical aesthetician (grammatically added ‘a’ for those qualified as medical) since the more effective treatments are trained under a medical director, and they typically produce better results.

You may want to try a very popular treatment: IPL. What is IPL? Intense Pulse Light or Photo Dynamic therapy is a broad spectrum light that was designed to absorb the brown and red discoloration in the skin. This treatment process is fairly simple, there is no down time, and it’s less expensive than a surgical treatment. The light breaks down the discolored pigments and your body will start a purging process lasting up to two weeks. During this process you may notice the spots darken then flake off. You can typically expect a 75 percent overall improvement of brown and red spots after a 4-6 treatment plan. This treatment is also great for the neck, chest, hands, or arms.

You can also prevent further damage after these treatments by wearing sunscreen every day!

This blog was authored by Jacky LaFrance