Shave Less — Breathe Clean


Whether you’re right here in the city or out in the country, we’re in agreement that Detroiters and Americans as a whole create too much garbage in landfills. Some of us more environmentally active than others — we recycle, reuse water bottles, and attempt to conserve energy as we see fit for our lifestyles. We know that conserving gas and increasing recycling can improve the air we breathe.

Over two billion disposable razors are bought in the country each year. Razors are non-biodegradable, and accumulating in landfills across the US. But there is a more environmentally-friendly option. Laser hair removal. This treatment only requires electricity and a bit of gel. Laser hair provides NO waste, the patient wears sterile goggles for protection that are reused in the office, and it lasts nearly forever. Treatments are fast too, roughly 10 minutes for underarms.

If you’re looking for a green alternative to shaving, try laser hair removal. Though initially pricy, you’re actually saving money. The average woman spends $10,000 on razors alone in her lifetime; you can laser your underarms, bikini, and legs for a total of less than $3,000. Men have become privy to laser hair removal as well. If you don’t want a hairy back or chest, this treatment easily gets rid of the excess hair so you don’t have to worry about it.

So save time, money, and even some air. Just another tip for living clean and well.

This blog was authored by Jacky LaFrance.