Seamless Design

Pedini in Detroit pairs handmade Italian styling with advanced technology.
Modern Contemporary - The Arkè kitchen by Pedini of Detroit. // Courtesy of Pedini of Detroit
Modern Contemporary – The Arkè kitchen by Pedini of Detroit. // Courtesy of Pedini of Detroit

When Pedini of Detroit, an Italian designer of modern contemporary kitchens, bathrooms, and furniture, opened its doors in 2018, the company pursued two distinct avenues of growth.

On the commercial side, Pedini designs kitchens for new condominium and apartment complexes. “We have clients throughout metro Detroit, Michigan, and northern Ohio,” says Stefano Mularoni, co-owner with Ravinder Chhatwal of Pedini of Detroit. “All of our work would be considered custom. In this way, residents feel confident they have a unique design — plus, it helps drive value when a unit (condo) is sold.”

The company also creates custom living spaces for single-family homes. Hi Pedini, a line of Alexa-like technology, powers appliances and other furnishings via a voice assistant. It’s complemented by what Pedini calls Cloud Computing, an advanced voice-recognition app based on Microsoft artificial intelligence, along with sensors attached inside cabinet doors and drawers.

The technology allows users to monitor and direct actions — such as measuring air quality inside a home, receiving alerts in case of a natural gas or a water leak, and even developing a grocery list or suggesting new recipes — via a smartphone app. Sensors, meanwhile, can open and close cabinets and drawers via a voice assistant, or have fresh-brewed coffee prepared each morning.

“Our design team in Italy will work directly with clients (via Zoom), so it’s as if you’re right there at our design center in Fano (south of San Marino),” Chhatwal says. “It’s quite an experience when all the technology comes together. It’s like having an Italian design house right at your fingertips.”

A future product offering, Hi Pedini, in tandem with a lighting package, can be used to set a preferred mood. Using voice commands, different colors and shades of light can be selected to provide for reflective moments, a sporting event, or a family celebration. Safety features will alert parents if a child tries to access a “critical door” that contains detergents or utensils.

The business also provides numerous designs and products for living spaces, bathrooms, bedrooms, and walk-in closets, including products from Antares, Gemini, Virgo, Orion, and Taurus in the new Omnia collection. The offerings include a range of modern, free-standing storage containers and doors for separating or closing spaces.

Apart from residential projects, Pedini services the hospitality industry and works with interior designers, franchise owners, retailers, medical office users, corporations, and restaurants. It has custom relationships with IPF Flooring and COCIF Doors, as well.

“Our showroom is designed to be very immersive, so when you come through our doors it’s like you’re stepping into another world,” Mularoni says of the office located at 422 W. Congress St., just north of TCF Center. “We also offer numerous accessories for our different products lines so people can experience a seamless design.”