Post-Holiday Frump?


With the holidays passing and resolutions brewing, we’re all thinking about getting into a healthier state of mind. Unfortunately, simply thinking about it won’t make you healthier. Some wonder where to start. You’ve probably heard us say time and time again, maintenance is key. Your favorite option might be a new gym membership, the latest diet, body contouring, or a combination of the three. Being healthy is more than just a trend; it’s a way of life. Some of us could use a bump of confidence or a little extra help but the more we are proactive about being healthy, the longer our health will last.

You could be an exercise junkie, with a near perfect body except for a layer of holiday fat around the midsection and some extra weight on your hips. Your mom has it, and she gave it to you. Or you could be a healthy new mother who experiences excruciating fatigue and emotional unrest while trying to adjust to your exhausting new schedule.

As a health and wellness center we’ll first tell you to examine your diet and sleeping habits. Both of these things affect your weight. Personal trainers will tell you 80 percent of the realistic body you want is controlled by your diet, while 20 percent is your physical activity. So whatever works with your system, be it cutting carbs, fast food, processed food… DO IT! We know you can because we know you want to.

Another option to rid yourself of that last layer is body contouring. There are non-invasive and invasive (surgical) options to get rid of the extra weight and smooth out your trouble areas. Non-surgical fat removal and contouring is best for those who are already fit, while surgical is best for people who have lost a lot of weight, or have more to get rid of.

One of the non-surgical options commonly at your med-spa is CoolSculpting. This treatment “freezes” the fat cells off. It literally cools the fat cells down to 41 degrees until they are destroyed and disposed of by the liver. Similar to ultrasound devices, there is little to no risk of skin injury or change in your blood levels. The treatment only takes about an hour, doesn’t hurt, and you can go right back to work. The best part is: the fat cells secrete over a month or two so it looks like you still lost that weight at the gym.

There are treatments other than CoolSculpting that can remove fat and contour just as well. I highlighted this one because we see the best (non-invasive) results with this method. Of course we always suggest a healthy lifestyle first, but there is no harm in a little help to the end goal!

This blog was authored by Jacky La France.