Online Social Networking — Be Interested … and Interesting


Online networking is all the rage. Twitter is constantly in the news. One can’t get through an hour of conversation without hearing about — or talking — about Facebook. Newspapers unabashedly quote bloggers with surprising regularity.

The social media has provided new and easier ways to create an Internet profile for you and your business. Nearly all of my clients are calling to ask how they can do this better; and I’m happy to help.

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Online social networking is very similar to offline social networking. The people who do it best are interested and interesting. In that order. Here’s what I mean.

People who are interested spend less time talking about themselves than they do others. These folks tend to ask questions and be insatiably curious about others’ thoughts and opinions.

People who are interesting, present themselves in unique ways. If average people send average signals, interesting people send enticing and intriguing signals that seem to lure folks into asking for more information.

For example, when someone asks me what I do for a living, I answer, “I’m a professional speaker.” Almost everyone that hears this immediately asks, “What do you speak about?”

So, here’s how you can sharpen your online social networking. When posting status updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, try to pose a question to show interest in readers.

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Why should you be interested, and interesting, in that order?  Because when you show interest in others, others will show interest in you!

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