Not Marketing on Facebook is Often a Selfish Decision


Online marketing can be very effective, especially on Facebook.

Most customers and prospects don’t care for traditional marketing, often referred to as direct selling. But Facebook marketing, when done correctly, is a kind of non-direct marketing in that it employs subtle selling techniques such as the “incidental credential” and a concept called “social proof.”

Think of it this way. Traditional marketing takes its cues from the once popular door-to-door salesman, who knocked on your front door with his sample vacuum cleaner or a set of encyclopedias. Salesmen only came to the front door of the house.  Today, that man is no longer welcome in your home.

Metaphorically speaking, Facebook marketing visits the side door of the house. The side door is where friends and family members enter. Messengers who enter the side door are advocates, not adversaries. Coming through the side door means you can employ incidental credentials that allow you to tout your products and services without bragging.

Non-direct marketing also allows you to use what author Robert Cialdini refers to as “social proof,” such as third-party testimonials, e.g., “Look how many people like my product!” Third-party testimonials can be very persuasive.

Remember, if you tell people how great you are, it’s advertising. However, when someone tells people how great you are, it’s the truth!

When it comes to marketing on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, it turns out the most difficult persuasion involves you persuading yourself to try it. Many business people have still not fully embraced online marketing. This is often a selfish decision.

People avoid Twitter for business because they don’t have a personal account or because they don’t understand it. Yet, your competition is already likely to be marketing via automated Tweets that are creating unique URLS that create valuable back links.

It’s not important that you don’t like Twitter.  It is important that your prospects like Twitter.

Online marketing will never replace print advertising, but it’s a wonderful compliment to most any marketing mix.

Go ahead, give yourself a compliment. Like yourself and others will like you, too.