Massage Therapy Improves Overall Wellness


Did you know? According to The Chicago Tribune, more than 73 percent of working Americans continually consider themselves as stressed. To say that we don’t fall into this category would be irrational to Business Detroiters. The best way to maintain low stress levels is to take care of yourself and make choices that benefit your overall wellness.

Those of us who choose to take care of ourselves have many different tactics to combat the stresses of life. Some indulge in a comforting habit like an occasional glass of wine… or two. Some people take to running or a good book. All of us have a few tasks we enjoy doing to get a sense of relaxation or freedom from everyday pressures. What’s best for you?

Well, everyone has diverse needs and wants, but I can tell you that massage therapy is one of the most beneficial habits to your overall health and wellness. Few experiences can compete with a good full-body massage. Massage therapy has numerous benefits that an alarming amount of us don’t even know about.

    1. Massaging specific areas can improve immune system strength. Extremely helpful this time of year!
    2. Can help you improve your posture without you even knowing it. No more slouching in those long meetings.
    3. Relieving neck tension and loosening shoulders can improve your day like you wouldn’t believe. After long car rides or staring at your computer for hours on end, your body needs to let those muscles move to release pressure from your spine and cranium.
    4. Ladies, high heels? I’ll say many women I know wear them at least a few times a week. A good massage can improve comfort and circulation benefiting your entire lower body.
    5. Massage therapy with lymphatic drainage is also extremely beneficial to surgery patients. Lymphatic drainage can help reduce swelling and toxins in the body while increasing range of motion, the immune system, and blood circulation throughout the body.

Aside from the fact that massages are fun and relaxing, there are many more healthy benefits. You’ll spend over 13 million minutes working in your lifetime; do you have 30 minutes to spare for yourself?

The blog was authored by Jacky LaFrance.