Let’s Shake on It — Or Not!

Staying healthy and presentable is key to being sustainable for both men and women in the workforce.

You’re a business person. You negotiate, sign contracts, attend meetings, and in the process, shake a lot of hands. Your schedule runs all day and night, both at the office and at home. Ever think of how many hands — and germs — that you encounter before the day is over?

With this wild Michigan weather I can’t help but be annoyed by the common cold. It’s everywhere! As a health and wellness center we encourage our patients — and employees to consume fruits, vegetables, teas, and any vitamins you can pack in your system. We’re still in the business world though, and whether we want to admit it or not, it’s more settling to work with a clean, well-groomed associate than one who has something growing on his finger that looks like your son’s nose drainage. It may be a little judgmental, but it may also be true. The public expects partners and executives to grace us with a clean face and hands.

In this light, a classic manicure, morning face scrub, or fresh haircut benefits you, and those around you. The best way to show your colleagues and clients you mean business is to come prepared. This involves your knowledge and skillset, and the way you present yourself. Staying healthy and presentable is key to being sustainable for both men and women in the workforce. As Oprah says, “If you neglect to recharge a battery, it dies. And if you run full-speed ahead without stopping for water, you lose momentum to finish the race.”

What really makes someone look ‘groomed’ on a daily basis? Not necessarily done-up like he/she is going to a wedding or other high-end event, but simply put togethe well. To start, a manicure might seem unnecessary, but my boss once said “I’d rethink hiring someone who came in with chipped nail polish or grimy hands.” Unfortunate, but true! Employers and stakeholders look at so much during the first few meetings. I’ve also heard comments about nose hairs and ear hairs with men.

To stay on top of your game, men should clear all unwanted hair (that includes getting rid of any uni-brow), moisturize your face and hands, and keep a fresh haircut. Women should let a hairstylist help you pick out a style that fits both your face and the time you allot yourself to prepare each morning. If you wear makeup keep it simple in the office, and be sure to keep your hands manicured. Even if you don’t go get a manicure often, take care of your cuticles, take off polish when you see it start to chip, and clean under your nails every time you wash your hands. Keep in mind these are all simple guidelines that are meant to be a base for your preferences.