Lessons from the Carpet Guy


I don’t know if you have ever had ripples in your carpet. These are the lines and ridges that often form in high traffic areas of your home, where the carpet become loose and bumpy.

No, it’s not a big deal, but it’s one of those things that bugged me every day that I looked at it. It’s also one of those things that if I tried to fix it myself, I’d probably screw up. I knew how much the repair would cost – $120.00. For that amount of money, I was willing to live with the ripples in my carpet. So, for months and months, I talked myself out of calling the carpet guy.

Once the cold weather set in, I saw that stupid bump multiple times a day. So, I caved in and called the carpet guy.  His fee was $120.00 an hour (minimum) and he took about 15 minutes to stretch the carpet, trim it and flatten out those annoying bumps.

Best money I ever spent.

As I watched the carpet guy work with his partner, I noticed a few things that we all could apply in our daily work life:

  • He was on time
  • He was friendly, but focused
  • He went right to work
  • He knew what he was doing
  • He had all of the right equipment
  • He cleaned up before he left.

What made the greatest impression on me was his presence. He was just so on task, with a keen ability to identify the problem, make recommendations, and then set out to resolve the issue.

Being in the moment is easier said than done. There is a lot of mental discipline and preparation required to really embrace and engage in these professional moments. The first step is in acknowledging the importance of these moments for all the parties involved. The second step is being prepared. The last step is executing to the best of our abilities, which requires shutting out any distractions or interruptions that might pull us away from the task at hand.

People that are really good at what they do have mastered these three steps of engagement, they come from all walks of life and they’re often hard to find.

But I know I great carpet guy if you need one.