Importance of Reaching Global


Today you can reach out across the world in nano seconds, but then what do you do? How do you relate? What steps does one take? And in what order? What are your expectations? And theirs? These questions will be answered over the next several blogs?

First of all, yes YOU can go global. It is no longer the place of mega corporations; now it is fertile ground open to solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and basically anyone. Going global, just like when you started your business, takes time and preparation, but anything worthwhile does.

Second:  Let’s think about why go global? There is so much (a whole world) out there for your business to grow. In fact, international trade has grown, even in these more challenging economic times, and that global growth is said to be moving faster. U.S. exports grew 14.5% in 2011, reaching a record of $1.27 trillion. Wouldn’t you like to have a bit of that growth? This economy encourages us to look beyond our “comfort zones.” What does that mean to you? There are more individuals and businesses outside of the U.S. then within our borders, so your product/service, whatever it is, has a greater opportunity to grow. The possibilities are infinite.

Third: How do you find out what area might be best for you to explore? Stop, think, and evaluate what type of relationship you want? Can you communicate effectively? Perhaps learning about a different culture and identifying how your products/services can improve their lives will provide you a new outlet for your business. Familiarize yourself with the multitude of resources out there that can and will walk you through this process. One of the best, the U.S. Commercial Service, recently opened a new Export Assistance office in Detroit.  Many of their services are free (your U.S. tax dollar at work) so check them out as one of your initial steps as you begin your global business evolution.

Keep in mind, if your product or services are needed here, they are probably are needed elsewhere, and you need to let them (the global community) know that your door is open and that the lights are on for you and your global business!