How to use only one PowerPoint slide


I haven’t used PowerPoint (PPT) in over five years.

Lately, I’ve been asked to teach business people how to improve their presentations by NOT using the most popular presentation tool of the 21st century.

Why spend all that time, money, and energy getting team members or prospects into a room only to say, “Please look away from me to the screen, while I turn down the lights.”

By not using PowerPoint, you can establish rapport, build relationships, and become a much more effective communicator.

Never use PPT at the beginning or at the end

If you feel you must use a handful of PPT slides, put them in the middle of the presentation. This way you can look into the audience’s eyes at the beginning of your talk and at the end. The end, of course, is where all good presenters stage the “call to action.”

Recently, I started using PowerPoint again, but with a twist . . .

I now use a single slide during my talks

This one graphic image is so powerful, you can hear a pin drop when it appears on the screen. This slide is all audience members can talk about when the presentation is over. And get this — the slide usually has no direct connection to the subject of my talk!

What is this magic slide and how can you use a similar technique to strengthen your presentations?

You can see the actual slide at

Meanwhile, start talking with your audiences and not at them.