Have You Ever Received Bad Advice?


Once upon a time, a President of a great country wasn’t doing too well. His approval rating was very low and the public voted his party out of office. This was big news because the President was a Republican, and the Republicans had held that office for a long time.

The President-elect, a Democrat, visited the sitting President to begin the complicated transition process. During the meeting, the unpopular and ineffective President offered the President-elect advice and counsel.

Later, the President sent his successor a 10-page, handwritten letter. The missive misspelled the President-elect’s name. The unsuccessful sitting President urged his replacement to “stay the course” with regard to the national agenda. And that’s how Herbert Hoover handed off the United States Presidency to Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1932.

A surprising number of unsuccessful people try to influence others.

People of moderate means frequently offer money management tips.

People who smoke often share tips for health and well-being. Overweight folks have given me tons of diet tips through the years.

And in my business, many consultants somehow make a living by providing unoriginal ideas and bad advice.

Be careful. It’s a jungle out there.

What bad advice have you received recently?

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