Hair Extensions: Could You Tell?


Goddesses & queens all had long flowing hair. Magazines and stats typically say men prefer long Victoria’s Secret model hair. Maybe not in the days of goddesses but in the busy 21st Century the secret is usually hair extensions.

You could try to grow your hair through healthy maintenance but sometimes with life changes, hormones, stress, and the blow dryer, it’s just not realistic. Despite good DNA, you may even want thicker hair. This transition to long and full hair can be easy with hair extensions.

There are plenty of different popularly marketed brands and a few different ways your stylist can give you hair extensions. Extensions can be anywhere from $100 to $1,000 depending on the quality, quantity, service, and type of hair you’re getting. Some women have them glued or sewn in, usually ideal for African American women. Others use clip-ins or LOX™ which are great for first timers or a more casual application. Hair extensions can come in a few different textures and colors, they can also be dyed to match your style.

I would never suggest synthetic (plastic) hair extensions. They are much less costly than natural Remy extensions but with these you definitely get what you pay for. You cannot apply heat to synthetic hair extensions therefore it’s nearly impossible to style them and they really don’t look natural. If you are researching types of hair extensions go for 100 percent Remy hair. This means the hair is all natural, and the strands all run the same way giving the most practical look.  For a dramatic change it’s always best to consult with your stylist.

Extensions do require a little extra work, just like your regular hair. In my experience, if you maintenance them properly you’ll get a great goddess result. Did you really think Eva Longoria or Carrie Underwood had that hair after the busy schedule and the common style changes? Well, now you know their secret.