Five Cool Ideas for Guaranteed Vitality


The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “vitality” as “the capacity to live and develop.” Yet, many of us are content to live without developing. Some people would rather be on the sidelines than play the game. President John F. Kennedy once observed that Americans seem to believe that attending a sporting event is similar to participating in the event. Our lives can be much richer when we actively participate. Here are 5 Cool Ideas for guaranteed vitality.

1. Play music, don’t just listen to it.
Creating music on a piano or guitar is truly a magical experience. Original music is a gift for whoever is performing, and a gift for whoever is listening. Singing is such a beautiful experience, yet many people never learn to carry a tune or to express themselves through song. When my brothers and I were young men, we toured the country in a rock band. The four of us played 10 instruments between us, including guitars, woodwinds, brass instruments, keyboards,, and percussion. Performing is a lifelong joy for us. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

2. Learn to cook food, not just heat it.
In an age of instant gratification, we tend to buy food that is wrapped in cellophane and microwavable. Preparing food without a microwave is a rewarding experience. A good, home cooked meal can revitalize almost anyone. In any case, fresh, unprocessed food is certainly better for you.

3. Give presentations, don’t just attend them.
A key to vitality is developing original ideas and sharing them with others. While everyone has something to say, few of us are willing to develop our speaking skills. Rather than develop and deliver a message, most people are content to sit in the audience while someone else shares ideas.

4. Write books, don’t just read them.
How many times have you heard someone say, “I should write a book?” How many times have you said this? While almost everyone can write something worthwhile, very few of us do. Because this is true, books don’t get written, articles don’t get published, and valuable information is not shared.

5. Participation guarantees vitality.
Celebrity worship is alive and well. People have come to believe that famous people are somehow more interesting than the rest of population. This is not necessarily true. I think you should move into the spotlight. Play some music while you cook dinner. Say something that draws a crowd, and then write about the experience.