Five Cool Ideas for a Good Life


Sometime ago, I developed a formula for a good life. If you read good books and see good movies, eat good food and drink good wine, have good friends and think good thoughts – you will have a good life. Here are Five Cool Ideas for having that good life.

1. Read good books to establish “forced flow.”
The New York Times Best Seller List is a great place to find quality titles. The list is published in the Sunday edition. From the list, I’ve enjoyed Miguel Ruiz’s The Four Agreements, which taught me how to not harm myself with my own words.

The New York Times also introduced me to Eric Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation – The Dark Side of the American Meal, which taught me how to not harm myself with my own food. A constant flow of good information has undoubtedly contributed to my good life.

2. Films that win awards, offer rewards.
My favorite movies make me laugh, cry and think. Make good decisions when you plunk down $9 per ticket and more importantly, carefully consider how you spend a two-hour block of your time. Look for movies that have been nominated for Golden Globe awards or Oscars. Enjoy a balance between car crashes and subtitles.

3. Good food is fresh food.
Include at least one vegetable at breakfast. Don’t eat potato chips at all. Find a way to measure the food you eat. Some people track calories or the weight of the food, however, I count fat grams and generally allow myself no more than 35 grams of fat per day. As a result, I feel good almost all the time.

4. Have good, safe friends.
Do you have “safe” friends that keep you insulated from negativity? Do your friends help you feel better about yourself? Do they teach you new things and challenge your thinking? If not, it may be time to make some new friends. Remember that in order to spend time with new friends, you probably need to spend less time with old friends. This is okay.

5. Think good thoughts and be rewarded.
Positive thinking is critical. Optimism sets the stage for the life equation, which states that thoughts help determine emotion, emotion drives behavior and behavior delivers rewards. Good thoughts put everything in motion. What do you think?