Facebook: Only One Tool on the Tool Belt


Use this social media platform to drive traffic to a website that really means something to you, such as your blog or website.  Of course, it’s not that you post on Facebook, it’s what you post on Facebook.

Video — particularly video that is uploaded to Facebook — will get you a lot of attention.

Check out this interview conducted by Cindy Kainz on her locally produced, “The Bottom Line” TV show (www.youtube.com/watch).

Of course, that same video can be posted to Linkedin (www.Linkedin.com/in/MichaelAngeloCaruso), Twitter (www.twitter.com/michaelacaruso), Google+, and so on.

That’s why we say …

“Content is King”

When you share useful content related to your expertise, like-minded people will gravitate toward you, allowing you the opportunity to convert them to customers.

Of course, the magic is in the details of what you post, when you post, how often, etc.

But Facebook makes it difficult to do business on their platform for free.  Currently, they make sure that only about 16% of the people who Like your Facebook Business (Fan) Page can even see your quote.  This can be discouraging.

That’s why we say that if Content is King, then …

“Email is Queen”

Facebook relationships are considered casual and decidedly non-business oriented.

But the people on your email list have almost always opted in, which means they are presumably quite interested in your goods and services.

It’s true that a measly open rate of 14 percent is considered excellent when it comes to email. Remember that Facebook allows 16 percent of your business connections to see your posts.  Coincidence?  I think not.

I use infusionsoft.com for my Customer Relationship Manager and make money every time I send out email.

That’s why we say that if Email is Queen, then …

“Broadcast television is an Ace”

True, Nielsen has bemoaned the effectiveness of television for quite some time, but something about being on TV really gets peoples’ attention.

To quote my favorite philosopher, Ferris Beuller, “If you have the means, I highly recommend it.”

If you don’t have the means to buy airtime, then make yourself available for interviews so that you can sell by proxy.

And once you have the video file of that television appearance, you can re-purpose it on Facebook and your other platforms. And the marketing cycle repeats.

I just love it when things work out.