Detroit Start-Up City? A New Movement


The band KISS has an anthem that belts out the chorus:

Get up
Everybody’s gonna move their feet
Get down
Everybody’s gonna leave their seat
You gotta lose your mind in Detroit Rock City!

So, what about Detroit as a start-up city?

What is so exciting about the Detroit region right now is that there is movement and excitement all around us. Supporters and pundits alike are investing in the region like never before, even if it’s on a small scale.

Author Cameron Cushman recently wrote a very interesting article, highlighting that Detroit could become the next big start-up region for new business development:

In his article, he points out the recent start-up investments by Magic Johnson, Dan Gilbert, and the efforts of Mayor Dave Bing to re-energize the region. Cushman uses basketball as his metaphor for all of this new activity in the city, pointing out that a “Dream Team” has been assembled to turn Detroit into Start-Up City.

What I find heartening is that there are so many smaller initiatives like this happening all over town. Real movements don’t start with a giant, single investment or event. Positive change happens gradually, over time. It happens by splintered activities and efforts slowly being brought together under the same umbrella until some journalist says, “Hey, they’ve got a movement in Detroit!”

Real movements are determined within a historical perspective. They are labeled after the fact, not during the process. So maybe, in a few years, some clever songwriter or rock band will determine that we have all reinvented ourselves and have become the new residents of Detroit — Start Up City!