Busy Isn’t Always Productive


The tiny hummingbird flaps its wings so quickly, it can hover in mid-air. But being busy doesn’t always translate into productivity.

Frantic lawmakers, for example, have been very busy trying “fix” the economy, although they’ve made precious little progress.

A team of Israeli scientists published a paper in the Journal of Economic Psychology on the subject of busy vs. productive.

The scientists studied soccer goalies and determined that most goalies dive to the left or right during a penalty kick, even though the best defense is often to maintain position in the center of the net.

In soccer, in politics, and in business, taking action is often considered productive, even though not taking action is the smart, efficient move.

This is counter intuitive to “norm theory,” which portends that taking action is always a better strategy than doing nothing.

In any case, it’s almost better to be productive than busy.

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