Breaking Global Barriers


As a businessperson, you have learned that relationships are key to being in business and growing it. What do they do? They break down barriers. What is important is to learn what steps need to be taken to create these relationships.

Sometimes it is as easy as asking someone you know who has a connection to make that initial introduction. Other times you may need to attend events such as ones that the Detroit Regional Chamber or Automation Alley put on; they will provide the first of many steps toward developing the relationship that will allow you to break that barrier. In addition, you will want to start creating your global relationships by using some of the numerous social media sites to open your reach. For example, access your current contacts, send out a request to them and see if they or their contacts might be the right path for you.

How do you know if you are doing it “right?” Just like when you sold your first service or product, you asked questions. One needs to ask questions and become more educated as you develop those new and important global relationships.  One of the preliminary questions is: Does what you are presenting have the same meaning/value as it does at “home”? Clarify their understanding?  Ask, is it what you want? If not, what steps are needed to reach the businesses or individuals that you want? Keep in mind that even if you are speaking the same language, there are differences between content and context. Culture, history, and family all play into with whom and how we develop relationships that are beneficial to our growth.

Ask, and you shall receive. When you are open to developing these relationships, you will find that growth is there. It’s a newly tapped market for you and your business.