Botox: Toxic or Terrific?

Botox, some fear it and some love it.

Botox, some fear it and some love it. The product is feared because of a lack of education, bad experience with an under qualified injector, or an improper media portrayal. If used appropriately, this product can be your best friend. With some added information you may even be interested.

Get Educated: Botox Cosmetic is the first botulinum toxin approved by the FDA to treat certain wrinkles. Although it is scientifically called a toxin, Botox Cosmetic stemmed from a purified protein, which is safe and greatly effective when injected properly. Therefore, it is not a negative toxin.

Botox is used in patients over 18 for crow’s feet (around the outer corner of the eye), 1’s & 11’s (between eyebrows), and other various fine lines. Ten years after FDA approval of Botox Cosmetic we still love it.

Choose the Right Injector: Botox and other injectables are easily the most popular cosmetic procedure in the country with over 2.5 million procedures performed just in 2011, according to the ASPS 2011 Statistics. This is why various medical professionals want to get into the injecting business. But do your homework. State regulations vary on the legalities of who can inject but I would suggest investigating injector credentials; and be wary of extremely low prices. The right injector will provide you with a reliable product and consistent service for good results and patient satisfaction.

The most qualified professional would be a plastic surgeon or a medical professional (such as a nurse) trained by a plastic surgeon. Their expertise is to assess all areas of the face aesthetically, creating a treatment plan that is right for you. Ask questions and make sure you know what you’re being injected with, as a previous president of the Canadian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons stated: “Unlike fake purses, fake injectables can really hurt you, or worse.”

Media: The media is known for exposing the bad over the good. You’ll hear about how the dentist or at-home ‘expert’ injected someone with a crazy toxin who needs it surgically removed versus the stories of qualified injectors who deliver good results.

We’re here to let you know there are 2.5 million fabulous stories, just in 2011! With the right people and product, Botox Cosmetic can be a great confidence booster. For seasoned patients, the appointment only takes about 15 minutes with no pain, little to no bruising, and it lasts three months or more. Botox, or ‘Bro-tox,’ is great for both men and women, especially when you are frequently in the public eye.

Everyone I know who has tried it, loves it. Would you recommend it?