Article Marketing Helps Get the Word Out


If you’ve been working in one industry for over five years, you’re probably pretty good at what you do.

If you’re good at what you do, you can use article marketing to explain it to others and parlay your expertise into more business and a stronger reputation.

Simply create a series of short articles on your area of interest. Focus on producing only one article at a time. Ideal article length is 400 to 500 words. These articles will be easy to write because you know your stuff.

Publish the articles as blog posts, in trade publications and on Web sites. Give industry-related companies permission to reprint articles at no charge providing they provide attribution.

Article marketing will brand you as an “industry expert,” which shortens the selling cycle and will attract more customers to your business.

There are many ways to put your articles to work for your business:

  • Post your articles at, (and similar article depot sites); link to your site
  • Post them on your site
  • Give the information away to potential clients to build rapport and trust
  • Let industry-related companies reprint your articles in their newsletters and on their Web sites
  • Re-purpose the content in Facebook Notes and blogs like this one
  • Publish the accumulated articles as a special report or book

It’s easier to do article marketing than you might think. Work with an experienced copywriter or editor to streamline the process. I work with Paula Parisot and others.

Best of luck!

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